About Me

Photographer: Scott Phillipson

I am Mellissa Flowerdew-Clarke –  a produced playwright/screenwriter and published writer, with a penchant for the macabre and a fascination with literary explorations of libertinism.

My main interest is in creating experiential theatre which confronts, provokes and challenges. My writing tends to focus on the exploration of libertinism, and the staging of provocative themes – I like to viscerally explore base human urges, and what happens when these urges are either repressed or heightened by a lack of moral fibre, both in psychological and sociological contexts.

I’m interested in literary and academic explorations of paraphilia, violence, censorship and tolerance. I use creative practice as research, and am interested in the impact provocative and taboo themes have on an audience/reader, when the material is presented in a variety of genres.

Shrapnel – WIP
I’m currently working on my new play, Shrapnel, with support and development from the wonderful HighTide Festival Theatre.  Shrapnel reflects upon the impacts of war – historically, currently, physically and psychologically. Set against the backdrop of political race riots, it examines notions of ‘Broken Britain’ through the exploration of race, displacement, guilt and redemption.

Other stuff
Versatility is key to me. I have also written, believe it or not, family-friendly musicals, comedic radio plays and non-fiction articles on subjects ranging from effective communication, through to retailing in Russia. As well as writing creatively, I also work as a Global Marketing Manager, specialising in content marketing. I also direct youth theatre productions.

Please contact me if you would like to read more of my work or, perhaps, collaborate. I always welcome feedback. Don’t be scared to be honest; I have a thick skin.


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