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Posted: February 13, 2014 in Poetry

Jack Ketch’s footsteps
Echo on the black wall.
I’m doubled; constrictor-ties choke.
I gasp to breathe your air.

My dogshank eyes
Fill with your tears;
But my beautiful, butterfly bends
Won’t unravel.

My Gordian lover;
Entwined and entangled;
Plaited with hope;
Knotted with blood.

Hitch your hook to my noose.

Hang me your way.


Posted: September 16, 2013 in Poetry

At night, I am a Phoenix.
Blazing and brazen;
Watch my wings unfurl.

At night, I am a Phoenix.
Fire-flicked and fury-licked;
Taste my flames.

At night, I am a Phoenix.
Scorched and scarred;
Lay on my ember bed.

At night, I am a Phoenix.
Furnace-fierce, internal-inferno;
I’ll burn right through you.

At night, I am a Phoenix.
Molten-malice, combusting-kisses
Melt you in to me.

At night, I am a Phoenix.
Searing and soaring;
Turning to ash.

At dawn, I am flightless…
Tar and feather me.

Help me fly.



Posted: March 25, 2013 in Poetry

I’m falling,
Deep down into your words.
Alice’s rabbit has beckoned me in;
Too late to look back now.

I’m falling.
Calligraphic sentiments
Kiss my ‘i’s and cross my t-eeth.
Letter-case me your way.

I’m falling.
Your alpha beats to my rhythm;
I harmonise your notes,
Taste sweet letters on my tongue.

I’m falling.
Your linguistry laps my wounds,
Heals my scars,
Bestills my trembling hands.

I’m falling.
You indent my dreams.
Catch me in the curves
Of our italicised hope.

I’m falling.
Stitch my broken wings and
Watch our worded wanderlust
Take flight.

I soak into your words.
Alice’s rabbit has beckoned me in;
Too late to look back now.

I’ve fallen.

Tears at the Yaramar

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Poetry

I clasped the hand of my sand-storm lover,
As we walked the beach at night,
Picking amongst the debris
Of a thousand shipwrecked dreams.

I stared into forever with my sand-born lover,
As we paddled our toes in tomorrow;
Listening to the waves whisper
Promises of tide-born hope.

I sought solace in my sand-lorn lover,
When we kissed as the sun rose;
Pouring sea-salt tears
Onto broken, seeping wounds.

I tasted fear on my sand-swarmed lover,
As we drank messages from bottles,
Crushed stones in anxious fists,
Ground memories between teeth.

I uttered my sins with my sand-torn lover,
Cowered in our sea-sick confessional;
My knees still bleed from the shards of
What was left unsaid.

I drowned in the eyes of my sand-sore lover,
Wept as the sun set on my Yaramar dream.
My king amongst the midnight flotsam,
My pauper in the sun.


Posted: April 19, 2012 in Poetry


Lids stuck with labels;
Glue seeps into my tears;
Streaks mark my pallid face:
Tattooed suffering for those who look, to see.

Oh, out dammed spot;
I rub but can’t remove;
Scrubbed raw, an open wound:
Those shadows play havoc with my weary eyes.

Violent concerto;
A rhythm of pain;
A symphony of bruised hope:
Your strings make me burst into flames.

Are my tears more worthy now?


Posted: April 1, 2012 in Poetry

At sunrise I saw him,
In rusty casing,
Burnt by the breeze,
Branded with sea salt and in-memoriam’s knife.
His soldered cracks seeped past misdemeanours;
Sanded edges softened spiked blows.

At eventide I saw him,
Gasping for air.
Jetsam ditched, lagan abandoned;
His flotsam washed upon my shore,
As the sirens stalked, singing… ‘I love you’.

My Loverbye

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Poetry

My Loverbye

Diseased butterflies,
Shutter, gutter, stutterflies
Drip waxen tears of lust and hate.

My skin, it burns for you.
But, to open, spread, present and promise
Leaves me hollow from lip to lip.

Your stutterfly,
Gutter, tutter, nutterfly ignites
My all. My nothing.

Your tongue does pierce my soul.
My hole. My whole.
Oh, shutterbye love, extinguish my flame.

My flutterbye, stutterbye,
Beautiful, bastard lullaby.
My disease. My cure.
My lover, bye.