For Rannoch

Posted: October 22, 2016 in Productions

I’m happy to share with you the poem I wrote for my husband, which was recited during our wedding ceremony.

Our love is drafted from your right angles and my rounded curves,
of inked sentiment and academic debate.
I love you for adding form to my flyaway thoughts,
for there is no art without fact, nor science without fancy.

Our love is mapped from our contoured experience.
Of lines from Arthur’s Seat to Molly’s cart, our hacienda to Tanah Lot.
I love you for turning my world upside down,
just to make it the right way up.

If I were to write our love story
there’d be no clichéd romance or Lynchian melodrama,
but it would simply say how I love you
for stopping my fear of tomorrow’s blank page.

For a thousand reasons and a thousand reasons more
I’ll walk by your side into the forever ever,
hold your hand as we face the sun.
This is no Kelpie deceit nor no siren’s song;

This is real.

This is love.


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