A Fond Farewell

Posted: February 21, 2016 in Poetry

I wrote this on behalf of my Mother, to express the love and loss she feels at losing my Grandma. I was honored to have been asked to write it, and even more honored to read it at her funeral.  

My heart breaks as you take your journey,
It seems too soon to say goodbye,
But the angels have called you home now,
Letting go is hard, even though I try.

But I will find strength in your memory,
That of courage, integrity and pride,
And I’ll face the days ahead of me
Knowing you’re still here, right by my side.

You were a true lady, with a soul so kind,
You could never be replaced,
You’ve inspired me to live my life,
With humility, dignity and grace.

Our bond was stronger than words can explain,
My love for you beyond measure,
Every moment of the life we shared,
Are memories I’ll always treasure.

I still hear your laughter, I still feel your touch,
And that now that we’re apart,
I’ll keep your spirit close to me,
Locked safely in my heart.

I’ll always be your songbird,
And until we meet again,
I’ll sing your memory loud and proud,
My beautiful mother and my best friend.

When I come, we’ll walk hand in hand,
There’ll be many new stories to tell,
Remember, this isn’t as final as goodbye,
This is just a fond farewell.


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